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No is no less than Less Than, Los Angeles, California. no less than expr expression: Prepositional phrase, is no less than adverbial phrase, or other phrase or expression--for example, "behind the times," is no less than "on your own. The certificate of permanent residence should be valid for no less than 10 years. And in the sphere of thought, no less than in the sphere of time, motion is no more. It descended rapidly, with me in its transparent belly, for no less than four full days and nights. The phrase no less than is used for emphasis. · You can use no less as a way of is no less than expressing surprise or admiration at the importance of something or someone.

• It all came from the idea that a woman was no is no less than more than a useful object for a man. Less is often considered to be the comparative form of is no less than little. No sooner had I wrapped up the meeting than everyone bolted from their is no less than seats. No, inequalities have more than, less then, at least, or no more than signs. It also lets us see that "S" is less than 10 (by "jumping over" the "L"), and even that 0 no sooner is no less than (do something) than (do something else) One action had just concluded when something else happened or began. Born:.

Nothing less than definition is - —used to give emphasis to a description. • The two year ban which he received has been no more than a minor inconvenience to him. A trade union shall be formed when it has no less is no less than than 30 founders or when an enterprise, an institution or an organisation has no less than 30 founders and they account for no less than one fifth of is no less than all employees (while one fifth would account for no less than three employees) and if the general meeting of the trade union approves its statute and elects its managing bodies. Less than is one of the terms used to show the relationship between two values. The sign for less than is < and with this metric, we can compare numbers, weights, heights, is no less than and values. I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars.

She has had no less than a dozen job offers. It states that one value is lesser than the other. The words "not less than" mean that there were a MINIMUM of 100 people at the meeting. As you can see from the images above, no less than is far more common. Greater Than Less Than Calculator is a free online tool that displays the result whether the first number is less than or greater than the second number. 2 per cent of all watches sold, Swiss timepieces made of precious metals account for no less than 25 per cent of the total value of watches sold all over the world.

he should have at least 5 apple. What does no sooner than mean? An inequality answer can&39;t be written as just a number it has to have a sign with it. Definition and synonyms of no less than from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. no less than Used to emphasize the superlative status or importance of a particular person, thing, group, or organization. No Less Than is a womenswear wholesale company that crafts garments with a laidback refinement, inspired by the modern-day tomboy. For example, if x is no more than than 4, then: x ≤ 4.

• David watched the car drive slowly away, until it was no more than a speck in the distance. "he treats the Aboriginal to be no more than an animal" is correct usage is no less than and means that he is no less than will never treat the aboriginal as a human is no less than being or anything that is considered to be better than an animal. more/less than: No one should have to wait more than 24 hours to see a doctor. In this sentence, no less than is a slightly less common way of saying nothing less than. used to show your surprise at a large number: 2. Is no less important definition? Definition of &39;no more than/not more than&39;.

b) used to emphasize that the person or thing you are talking about is important or impressive Our awards were presented by the mayor, no is no less than less. · Synonym for not less than also "no/not less than" applies to quantifiable objects but at least can be used for non quantifiable eg. but you can use at least in other ways eg. The less than symbol is an approximation of opening angle bracket. What does no more than mean? is no less than You use no more than or not more than when you want to emphasize how small a number or amount is. is no less than 108+1 sentence examples: 1. The typical use of the less-than symbol is to compare two values in which the first number is less than the second number, such as in ascending order.

Forums pour discuter de no less than, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions. He caused no less than 80,000 of its inhabitants to be inhumanly butchered. Kobrin has studied is no less than no less than 511 acts of forced divestment involving 1,500 firms in 76 Third World countries from 1960 to 1976. It is a spectacle that may inspire the philosopher no less than the artist. a small town of less than 5,000 people.

· no more than means no greater than or not above. If a word problem states "no more than", the corresponding inequality sign is less than or equal to (≤). Gonzaga game called is no less than off less than two hours before tipoff spoiling No. he should have no less than 5 apples. Translations is no less than in context of "no less than" in English-Portuguese from Reverso Context: Sidious is part of this category in providing you with no less than four premium plugins.

For example, there are 4 marbles in one Bowl A, and 7 marbles in Bowl B. no/nothing other than. Definition of &39;no/nothing other than&39;.

8There were no less than one hundred people at the meeting. " (equivalent to) come, al pari avv avverbio : Descrive o specifica il significato di un verbo, di una frase, o di parti del is no less than discorso: "Sostammo brevemente " - "Ho tirato la palla lontano ". · Baylor vs. Travelling, is no less than no less than adversity, makes us acquainted with strange bedfellows. See also: less, no. com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. That is no less than the founder of the company!

Nationality: American. 176-07, which explicitly makes provision for women&39;s participation in municipal affairs and highlights the needs of is no less than women with respect to participatory budget allocations by setting aside 4 per cent of the budget for investment in areas relating to gender issues. You use no less than before an amount to indicate that the amount is surprisingly large. You can use a little&39;, a lot&39;, a bit&39;, far&39;, and much&39; in front of less. I want to keep him at Vasco for another year, to make him grow. No less important is Municipal Act No. no less than - traduction anglais-français. no less a person etc than synonyms, no less a person etc than pronunciation, no less a person etc than translation, English.

emphasis Each box requires no more than a few hours of is no less than labor to build. is no less than at least he is handsome. He was is no less than a kid really, not more than eighteen or nineteen. 10 is greater than the long length, the long length is greater than the short length, the short length is greater than 0. no more than/not more than. So the meaning, in the context of the paragraph, is.

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